Social Attaché

Do you have
attraction marketing
and automation
that duplicate?

This was Lisa.

She had to work hard to find new customers and business builders.

She had no clear path to success.

She had scattered and confusing training with conflicting methodologies.

She was constantly dealing with rejection.

This is Lisa now.





What could we do for you?
  1. Attraction marketing brings prospects to you, but creating the necessary content takes time and effort. Social Attaché will give you your time back by allowing you to schedule all your posts in advance, even allowing you to pull content from a library of professionally written posts!!

  2. Now that you have people coming to you, you need a way to get their info into a CRM where they can be managed. Social Attaché offers one-click import of profiles directly from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn and automatically imports contacts that have messaged you on these platforms!

  3. Presenting your opportunity to prospects takes a lot of time and can be embarrassing for some people… thankfully Social Attaché can make the presentation, collect a response, and book interested parties into your mobile calendar, all automagically!

  4. Following up with prospects and customers is so very important to success… and Social Attaché can follow-up on your behalf via email, SMS or social messaging, and then remind you when it’s time to reach out. And most importantly

  5. Everything you use for your own business, such as funnels and follow-up sequences, can be provided to all your team members – the power of duplication!

Are you ready to automate your business?

Why is Social Attaché the only platform you need?

Website with Blog
High Converting Funnels
Social Lead Generation
Customer Journeys
All Devices
Social Media Tools
Messaging Automation
Prospect Activity Tracking
Real-Time Notifications
Prospecting Giveaways
Team Incentives
Full duplication
and for the first time ever

It all Duplicates!

The old days of “going for no” are gone. Social media has arrived giving everyone access to a global network, and so have the tools to harness its powers. Get everything you need to be a successful online consultant, all in on place!

Are you ready to join the "revolution" of Network Marketing?

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